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How to Use the IR Site

The TDK Group strives to disclose both timely and appropriate information to shareholders and investors. This section of the TDK website is designed in the best way possible to allow viewers to easily obtain needed information.

Changing the Text Size

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How to Change the Size of Text in a Browser (in Microsoft Internet Explorer)
How to Change the Size of Text in a Browser (in Microsoft Internet Explorer)

Topic Path Navigation (Breadcrumbs)

The current page position is indicated in a hierarchy. Use this navigation method to check the location of the current page or to quickly return to a higher level of the site.

Topic Path Navigation (Breadcrumbs)

RSS Feature

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary." It is an XML-based format for distributing website content such as article titles and summaries. An RSS "feed" allows viewers to quickly collect the latest published information that they need.
To receive an RSS feed requires software known as an "RSS reader (aggregator)" or an RSS-capable browser. Such software is often free, but will require installation and registration of the RSS feed. How to do this will depend on your specific computing environment and purpose for using.

  • Note: RSS updates may be suspended for maintenance or other reasons without prior notice. The RSS content or format may also be changed without prior notice.
  • Note: TDK accepts no inquiries related to the use of an RSS reader.

Article List Feature

Articles can be viewed or downloaded as individual files for each section.

ListSample Screen:Article List Feature

Place your cursor over the word LIST to view a list of the individual files in each article section.


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Links will open in a new window.

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A PDF file will open.

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A Word file will open or download.

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